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Montessori students take a stand against bullying

Original article here A group of Montessori students aged between nine and eleven have formed OASA: the Organization Against Student Abuse. 20% of all children say they have been bullied. At Grand Rapids Montessori school,some students have decided to make an organized stand against bullying. “It’s not nice to see people being bullied, called names … Continue reading

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Protesters appear at farmers market: Whose labor dispute?

Original article here. Wednesday morning, at least thirty protesters carrying placards took to the street outside Fulton Street Farmers Market and marched. This is not the first time they have marched. This time they were silent, with placards that read: “Ritsema does not pay area standard wages and benefits.” Protesters declined to explain their stance, instead directing … Continue reading

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First ever Sass Fest celebrates doing it together.

Original article here. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sass Fest. It was promoted as “an event celebrating doing it together: music, workshops, movies, zines, handmade goods,” a veritable bucket load of stuff proposed and organized predominantly by lady about town, Marlee Cook-Parrott. After perusing the event’s Tumblr blog, which was nicely conceived and clearly … Continue reading