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Protesters appear at farmers market: Whose labor dispute?

Original article here. Wednesday morning, at least thirty protesters carrying placards took to the street outside Fulton Street Farmers Market and marched. This is not the first time they have marched. This time they were silent, with placards that read: “Ritsema does not pay area standard wages and benefits.” Protesters declined to explain their stance, instead directing … Continue reading

The Rapidian

First ever Sass Fest celebrates doing it together.

Original article here. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sass Fest. It was promoted as “an event celebrating doing it together: music, workshops, movies, zines, handmade goods,” a veritable bucket load of stuff proposed and organized predominantly by lady about town, Marlee Cook-Parrott. After perusing the event’s Tumblr blog, which was nicely conceived and clearly … Continue reading

Rapid Growth Media

Introducing Adam Bird, Rapid Growth’s new Managing Photographer

Click here for original article. Adam Bird is Rapid Growth Media’s new Managing Photographer, and he is very hard to miss — a slender, bespectacled gentleman of indeterminate age who sports linens or tweeds (depending on the season) with unusual and considered elegance. His wardrobe tempts the imagination into wondering whether he might be some … Continue reading

The Rapidian

Urban Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Movie Theatre opening- The Rapidian

The Cinema is my favorite place to spend an evening. When that cinema is an independent establishment, my happiness skyrockets, shattering my personal (glass) happiness scale. There is a rare sense of unity in these singular unique locations, a coming together of worshippers. Basking in that familiar half-light within my cluster of fellow film enthusiasts, … Continue reading